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Where needed to avoid Tower

Refineries, gas stations, chemical plants, coal mines, explosive workshop, wilderness and be installed on buildings to avoid Tower
During a lightning storm, when electrically charged clouds occur over tall buildings, and buildings are at the top of the lightning rod on the induction so that large electrical charges due to the tip of the needle is the lightning rod, and when the induction, conductor tip is always gathered most of the charge (point discharge). In this way, gathered most of the charge of the lightning rod. Lightning-charged clouds forming a capacitor with these, because it is a sharp, that the capacitors of the Poles upright on small, capacitance is very small, which means it can hold a charge very little. And it brings together most of the charge, so when you charge more on the cloud, lightning rod between the clouds and the air can easily be penetrated, to become the conductor. In this way, electrically charged clouds and lightning formation pathway, and the lightning rod is grounded. Lightning can charge will lead to clouds on the earth so that it poses no danger to high-rise buildings, ensure the security of its

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